WANDERSTERN is the translation for planet. Planets which are called stars that have no own light and rotate around the sun because their body mass is too low to glow on their own.

For AW 18 Jennifer Moica proposes a voyage between the now and the future. A trip to a new world and a new way of living by combining different materials and a different way of thought by creating new worlds.

WANDERSTERN is telling the story of a new human, sailing from star to star with his eyes set on one true and only place on the search for his new Utopia. Tinted in blue tones, gold-black and shiny neutrals the collection is composed in different silhouettes and forms, conveying of protection and a new tribal feeling. A concept of humanity based on cohesion and solidarity. The collections style is authentic, contemporary, edgy, playful and clean, alternative chic in menswear and womenswear.