This collection was designed to celebrate 5 years of JENMMDSGN, 5 years of handmade, unique sustainable fashion, inspiration and on-going. Because this is just the beginning of what’s coming. There is so much to explore, to discover and so many imaginary places to create and find out. A collection to celebrate what was and what will be. 

BEYOND is more than just a garment, it’s the story, the people, not just what you see on the outside. It’s what it’s behind those smiles, those eyes, the work.  I created this birthday capsule collection by going back to the roots, where everything began and when I started to design under the name of JENMMDSGN.  Every single stitch, every single step of the process of what you see in the end, that’s what's all compressed in this smile of the dripping Joker face of the collection. This is JENMMDSGN. It’s the story, it’s the work, it’s what we and I value most. The foundation to create what will be something different, sincere, genuine and true and out of the ordinary. A marriage of imagination, life, art and storytelling. Something special and different that we all have in ourselves, that makes us what we are. A smile can hide many different things and analogies. There is more BEYOND that smile, that we all have. So let’s find out.