Drawn by the idea of basic and stylish home wear, a selection of basic pieces with an urban touch for exercising, home office or to wear comfortably at home. A RTW loungewear capsule collection for men and woman as well as unisex. Part of JEN MM DSGN DNA’s, combining clothing for both gender and to fuse one for both to wear. 

Inspired by the cocoon, a silky case that is spun by the larvae of, for example butterflies, for protection of the evolution of a pupae.   

Cocoon is inspired by warmth, comfort of our home, feeling comfy and safe, able to be ones own self. Considering the meaning of cocoon itself as the feeling of protection and comfortness and transferred it into the fabrics made of cotton and woollen fabric blends that are soft and pleasant to wear. Neutral tones to soft candy colours married with urban and classic styles for every day.