JEN MM Designs are contemporary, experimental, alternative and original fashion pieces. It celebrates the contemporary, the individual look and the uniqueness.

Designed and produced by an italian girl, who loves creating and being creative.

JEN MM comprises the work and designs of Jennifer Moica and is starting from scratch. These designs are all about uniqueness and are not found anywhere else as on the online shop. The DNA of the products lies in the design and development of the individual pieces. Each garment is developed and manufactured by the Italian designer and owner of the shop. Because they’re not a mass production, but they’re all produced by the Designer herself in the studio, each garment has a limited availability and can be purchased as long as they're on stock. As long as there's material, one design is longer on stock than other products. 

The garments and products range from womenswear to menswear, accessories to unisex all handmade and more projects to come.

The inspiration comes from everyday life, beauty to oddness, culture, fashion, art, design, music and creativity of all sorts. Inspiration can’t just be seen in one only thing. It’s everywhere.


When buying and wearing those artworks it feels that it`s made with love and passion. Every garment is well thought through in every detail and every single stitch.


With those clothing one is unique through and through like no one other.