U M B R A   |   S U M U S  

A/W 16//17

Ombre tra gli uomini | Ombre, in un mare di culture | 

Schatten unter Menschen | Schatten in einem Meer von Kulturen | 

Shadows among people | Shadows in a sea of cultures | 

We are shadows | We, are the Others.

U M B R A  |   S U M U S

U M B R A  |  S U M U S, "We are shadows" is inspired by urban art and culture. The collection consists of black/ anthracite /white gradations of technical materials to traditional wool textiles.

Being in around cities it sometimes feels like being one among millions and millions of others of todays society. One individual in a suburban melting pot society. One of a million. A shadow surrounded by kaleidoscopic images of differences and views. Anonymous and strong. A shadow wandering from place to place. Fearless,fierce and curious.