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JENMMDSGN  SS 23 collection

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JENMMDSGN AW23/24 collection lookbook

JENMMDSGN SINGHIOZZO AW23/24 collection clip

The autumn/ winter 23/24 collection is inspired by childhood memories, their way of seeing the world with their eyes, by imagining a reality that is pure, naiv and true. Picasso once observed, that „All children are artists. The problem is, to stay an artist when you are an adult.“ The collection shows a childs influence on the world she/he sees because as an adult visual and his recognition of the places and instants he perceives of each moments is seen more superficially than with a naive/unknown look. Naturally intuitive children see what adults no longer see as adults. They see things the way they are in their eyes.The look is more sincere and true. Throughout the collection I refer to this development, way of thinking, by which naiv elements and irregularities in patterns and details are brought together. And thus highlighted in patterns, drawings and inserted in smaller detailing, like pipings. Perfection here is just a side note, because perfection in this point of view lies in the eye of the beholder. 

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