„L’èveil“, the awakening is about strength, patience and overcoming hardships, your own fears to aim your goals.

„Where there's darkness, there's light.“ And also the other way round (YingYang) .These are the principles of the universe.  One can't live alone, because they go hand in hand. Even if one falls in a deep, there will always be a glimpse of light somewhere to take/lead the way/you out. 

Leaning on this idea of light/dark, black/white, good/bad, we always/constantly are surrounded by day and night. By developing this idea, thinking about my path till now, there were moments where one doesn't know how to go further or how to keep on. Giving up never is the solution, confronting those hard and dark moments is the answer. And light will shine at the end of the tunnel.  L'Éveil is about having the strength to get out of the darkness from the shadows themselves and overcome your fears. Experiences so far and in cohesion to the future by creating a new dimension of style and feel.